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Waltz is as relevant and useful today as it has been for over a century. It’s perfect for classics, as well as many of today’s pop, country, jazz, and even rock ballads. There are a surprising number of contemporary songs that use a Waltz rhythm. Along with Foxtrot, it is a common choice for wedding dances and is popular with social dancers all over the world. Waltz music is recognized by its ¾ rhythm, meaning musical phrases are counted in six beats rather than the usual eight.

An elegant and graceful slow dance that glides across the floor, it can be intimate and romantic or formal and grand.  Learning to Waltz will improve your posture, poise, balance, frame, and control.

Song Suggestions:

  • Come Away With Me - Norah Jones

  • Open Arms - Journey

  • Natural Woman - Aretha Franklin

  • If I Ain’t Got You - Maroon 5

  • If It’s Over - Mariah Carey

  • Misery - Pink & Steven Tyler

  • Only One Road - Celine Dion

  • The Reason - Michael Grimm

  • Through The Dark - KT Tunstall


Click the link below to see a demonstration of this dance

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