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September Top Hat and Tales

In this newsletter: 

  • Ladies Salsa Styling and Footwork Classes at THDS

  • Adult Tap Classes Return to THDS!

  • Line Dance Classes are back at Top Hat beginning September 7!

  • Weekly Aerial Yoga classes coming September 7th!

  • Hustle Class Schedule Change

  • Special Needs Classes Resume September 11 at THDS!

  • Youth Program Fall Registration and Open House

  • Special Dates of Interest


After the tremendous success of the workshop that we held at the beginning of August, we have decided to give the Ladies Styling and Footwork Class a permanent home on our class roster.


Beginning, Thursday, September 8 at 6:00 pm, Isabel will kick off the first session of this new series. The class will run in six-week sessions, with each session highlighting a targeted area of styling and footwork. This is a workshop, especially for anyone that wants to learn the fundamentals of ladies' stylings and footwork. The purpose of this course is to help you explore, feel active, get fit, love your body, be creative, feel sexy and mostly have fun!


With my help and guidance, and a little time, you are going to be able to learn the following:

- Dance various salsa moves and combinations.

- Improve your dancing skills if you are already dancing

- Learn how to isolate different parts of your body

- Move your hips and arms in a feminine and elegant way


Click the link below to register:




After a long hiatus from the class roster, the Adult Tap Class is making its way back to the dance floor. Classes will begin on Saturday, September 10 in a two-tiered offering. The Level 1 class will take place at 12:00 pm, immediately followed by the Level 2 class at 1:00 pm. 6-clasess for $75.00


Tap dance is a form of dance characterized by using the sound of one's tap shoes hitting the floor as a percussive instrument. As such, it is also commonly considered to be a form of music. In these classes, students will explore the movements and rhythms of Tap Dance, while building a strong foundation in this fun dance genre.


Register Here:




Line Dance Classes Every Wednesday with Dara Johnston!


Line Dancing is a very popular genre for people who enjoy the social interaction of dance, the challenge of choreographed movement, and an endless variety of music. Oh, and you don't need to come with a partner.

Line dancers engage in steps and movements not to necessarily entertain, but for their own personal enjoyment. It became incredibly popular in the 90's. As we know it, it was primarily danced to country music, but now embraces many music genres.


Our classes have a lot of Country, some R&B, and Popular. Want to stay fit, exercise your mind, and have a great time when you go out to dance for the first or next time? Come out and learn with us. Dara will challenge you with fun both mind and body.


3 Classes for $29.00

Click Here to Register:




Only 10 Spots Available per Class!!

We are very excited by the response we have received for our Aerial Yoga Workshop. Beginning Wednesday, September 7, the Aerial Yoga class will now have a permanent home on our class roster. The class will be offered every Wednesday from 8:00-9:00 pm.

Aerial Yoga Packages:

One Class: $25.00

Five Classes: $100.00

Ten Classes: $200.00

Aerial yoga uses both the ground and the support of soft silks to transform traditional yoga into a multi-dimensional experience. This is a smaller class with one person per silk. The postures are low to the ground and flow from one series of postures to another. Aerial yoga follows the flow and mind/body philosophy of traditional yoga and allows the addition of supported inversions and floating asanas. No experience is necessary.

Pre-registration and sign-up required for this program. Register through the THDS Branded Mobile App. Walk-ins will not be permitted.

Get the App Here:



Beginning Monday, September 26th, we will change the 2-level graduated class structure back our pre-Covid schedule.  This is the schedule we have had for the class for over 10 years, and it has proved the best formula for student development. 

The Hustle 1 class will be at 7:00 pm and taught by Michael Petroski.  This will be followed by Hustle 2 and Into Hustle at 8:00 pm.  Hustle 2 will be taught by Daniel McGee and the Intro to Hustle class will be taught by Michael Petroski. We encourage all students to take two levels of class per evening.  In doing so, the student solidifies their technique while building a solid repertoire for enjoyable Hustle dancing.

Our complete class schedule can be viewed on our monthly calendar by clicking the link below:

Group classes are still $15.00 per class or 6-classes for $75.00. However, if you take 2 levels of a given class, you receive a $5.00 discount for the second class. Group classes may be purchased by clicking the link below:




As fall classes get underway, so too will the Special Needs class at Top Hat Dance Studio. This year we will be offering two classes. First, at 1:00 pm we will be offering a class for students 17 and over. Immediately following that class, at 2:00 pm, we will be offering a class for students 16 and under.


The Special Needs Dance Program at Top Hat has become an integral part of the fabric of the studio. Over the past few years, the program has been mostly populated by individuals 18 and over. This year we aim to reach a new group of students through offering the class for younger individuals.


Special Needs Dance Classes only $10.00 per person or 6-classes for $60.00.

Register Here:




The “back-to-school” season is quickly approaching and with that so comes the time to register children for fall activities. Dancing is a great way to keep kids in shape, expand their creative talents and develop lasting friendships. Top Hat Dance Studio will be holding an OPEN HOUSE registration for our fall youth program on Wednesday, September 7th and Thursday, September 8th from 6:00-8:00 pm. Anyone who registers at the OPEN HOUSE will receive 10% off of the first month’s tuition.

For a complete listing of all classes offered in the Youth Program, see the “Schedule and Tuition” on the Top Hat website.

Classes begin Saturday, September 10th. Please contact the studio with any questions you may have. Registration forms can also be found on our website. Click the above link and simply fill out the registration forms, send them to the studio and we will enroll your child in the desired class(es.)


​September 2-5:  Studio Closed- Happy Labor Day

September 6:  West Coast Swing:  New Six-Week Session Begins

September 7-8:  Youth Program Open House Registration

September 7:  Line Dance and Aerial Yoga Classes Begin

September 8:  Ladies Salsa Styling and Footwork Class Begins

September 10:  Youth Program and Adult Tap Classes Begin

September 11:  Tantz and Special Needs Classes Begin

September 15:  Salsa and Bachata:  New Six-Week Session Begins

September 17:  Salsa and Bachata Social

September 24:  California Mix Dance Party

September 26:  Hustle:  New Six-Week Session Begins

For further information, please contact the studio at 215-676-3100 or