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·       Studio Update


·       What are people saying about Top Hat

·       Youth Program Resumed September 12, With Great Excitement!

·       Belly Dance Classes at Top Hat

·       Live-Stream Class Program

·       Top Hat Branded Mobile App

·       Mommy and Me Classes

·       Special Dates of Interest



 We have resumed teaching private lessons in the studio.  To our delight, with each passing week, more and more students are returning.  In addition, our Youth Program began a few weeks ago.  The energy in the studio is electric and everyone is happy to back doing what they love.  We will continue adding additional classes and programs to the studio schedule in the coming months.  We are taking a gradual approach to this process as to ensure everyone’s safety. 

We are offering in-person and live-stream classes to accommodate all students of varying comfort levels.  Continue reading for further information regarding registration and live-stream classes.  ​

Your safety is our top priority.  We have kept the studio squeaky clean.  We’ll continue to do so and thoroughly sanitize all public spaces of the studio.


In the coming days, there will be an announcement regarding the Salsa Program!  We have been bombarded with emails and phone calls with people inquiring about classes.  The wait will soon be over…stay tuned!! 


In the recent weeks, many students have submitted reviews and feedback on their experience here at Top Hat.  These reviews are in regards to their dance classes as well as our handling of our sanitization and cleaning policies.  To read what people are saying, click the link below.  For additional reviews, visit type in Top Hat Dance Studio and read our tremendous google reviews.  We would like to thank our staff and teachers for maintaining the high standards that Top Hat is known for.


​Saturday, September 12th and welcomed back for our youth students for the fall season.  The energy and excitement exuding from students and parents is exhilarating.  Everyone is delighted to be back in the studio doing what they love.  If you have not registered yet, there is still time.  Due to current situations, we are leaving the registration period open until the end of November.

​The past few months have been an unprecedented time for everyone. We commend all of the parents and guardians for taking on the additional role of teachers during the last and upcoming school years. At Top Hat Dance Studio, we are committed to returning our students to a lifestyle of normalcy, while maintaining social guidelines and protecting our students to the utmost of our abilities.  

​To accommodate the varying degrees of comfort levels within our student body, we have implemented new programs at the studio. For those who are comfortable, we will offer “Live” in-person classes at the studio in September as planned. However, we have also developed a “Live Stream” platform in which students have the ability to take their classes in real-time from the comfort of their own home as the class is being held simultaneously in the studio.

​This year we are excited to continue the Rumberitos Youth Salsa program.  We will offer 3 age-graduated Salsa classes in the curriculum.  Rumberitos Mini’s (ages 5-8), Salsa Mini’s Too (ages 9-12) and Teen Salsa (ages 13-18). 

The Youth BEATS Fitness class will continue on Thursdays at 6:00 pm.  This invigorating class has the whole studio rocking every Thursday evening. The kids love BEATS Fitness so much that they do not even realize they are exercising!  This class will not begin in September.  We will send notification of the start date shortly.

​For a complete listing of all classes offered and to download a Registration Form click this link:


​We are astonished by the response we are getting for the new session of our Belly Dance Class. The class continues to add new students every week. If you ever wanted to try Belly Dance or are looking for a fun exercise alternative, this class is for you.  Join us every Wednesday at 7:00 pm for this dynamic class!

​ Health Benefits of Belly Dance 

·       Back and Joints Pains are Relieved. 

·       Bone Density Increases. 

·       Low Impact Form of Exercise. 

·       Helps in Losing Weight. 

·       Helps in Preparing for Childbirth. 

·       Reducing Stress Levels and Dance. 

·       Boosting your Self-Esteem. 

·       Helping to Relieve PMS.


​It is so important to stay moving, wherever you are. With an increased interest in and a necessity for virtual dance classes, we are happy to announce our new easy-to-use "Live Stream" virtual platform. Registering for and taking classes has never been easier using this new streamlined medium. Follow the simple instructions below. Beginning Monday, August 10, all virtual classes will be facilitated through the "Live Stream" platform.

 **"Live Stream" classes will continue to be offered even after the studio has reopened for "live" classes. Some classes will be "virtual" only, while others will be "Live Streamed" in real-time as they are occurring simultaneously in the studio. We are offering this feature to accommodate and include all students, no matter their comfort level.


​We look forward to leading you through classes from our "Virtual Studio.  

·       Be sure to register for virtual classes at least 30 minutes in advance. You can register through our Branded Mobile App or through the schedule on our MindBody consumer website. 

·       We will e-mail you a link to the class as soon as we see your registration in our system. 

·       Log in a few minutes early so you’re ready to go when class starts. 

For further details on our Live-Steam program and for a class schedule, please visit:


Top Hat's New Branded Mobile App is Now Available!!  Download our new mobile app to get the best and fastest booking experience. Through the app, you will have the ability to book appointments, schedule classes and purchase lessons.  In addition, you can stay up to date with special announcements such as inclement weather cancellations and also receive special offers only available through the Mobile App.    


Mommy and Me is a creative movement class suitable for ages 12-36 months. Perfect for the child who still needs a little more time before separating from the parent or caregiver. Parents or caregivers participate actively in the class as children learn basic dance steps and terminology through songs, stories, and play.  This class is designed to help your child develop social, motor, and cognitive skills throughout their toddler years.   Mommy & Me Classes are held every Saturday at 9:15 am!


​October 4 and 11:  No Tantz classes

October 31:  Happy Halloween!!

For further information, please contact the studio at 215-676-3100 or

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