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July Top Hat and Tales

In this newsletter:

  • Youth Summer Dance Camp:  Register Now

  • Meet Amir Karaman

  • Commercial Hip-Hop and Heels Classes Come to THDS

  • Christmas in July

  • Class Cancellations

  • Special Dates of Interest



August 5-9, 2024

Top Hat Dance Studio is excited to offer our annual Youth Summer Dance Camp again this year. The Summer Camp will be offered August 5-9, 2024, from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm.

Summer Camp tuition is $175.00 with multi-child discounts available.

Are you looking for a fun activity for your children this summer? Have they been cooped up in the house for too many months? Our Youth Summer Dance Camp is perfect for keeping children's dance skills honed during the summer break. It is also an excellent opportunity for curious dancers to get their feet wet.

To register your child for Youth Summer Dance Camp, use the link below.



Top Hat Dance Studio is proud to welcome Amir Karaman to the Top Hat family. Amir will all lend his unique talents and personality to the ever-dynamic teaching staff at Top Hat Dance Studio.


Amir has been dancing since the age of six and holds an Associates of Arts-Dance Degree. Amir specializes in Vogue, WAACKING, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Heels Popping and Lyrical. As a dance teacher, his strength is to express his passion for dance and to give people who have never danced before a chance to find their own passion. He has a big personality and loves to hype students by creating an environment for them to shine through positive reinforcement and encouragement. Proper technique is fundamental to Amir’s teaching style.



We are very excited to announce two new workshop series coming to the Top Hat floor in July, "Commercial Hip-Hop" and "Heels."  These workshops, taught by Amir Karaman, will be offered in four-week sessions and are a little teaser as to what is to come in the fall!  Both classes will be high-energy, dynamic classes that are available to ALL dancers ages 16+. 


What is a Commercial Hip-Hop Class?

Commercial Hip Hop dancing is usually highly choreographed, combining elements of hip-hop, funk, jazz, modern, street, and pop. Commercial Hip Hop dancing is commonly featured in music videos, concerts, TV shows and other commercial video clips. It is often characterized by its flashy, high energy moves and its use of props and costumes. Imagine performing a Beyoncé choreography from one of her world tours. In this class, you will learn the types of movement that can be used in making tour choreography or music videos


What is a Heels Class?


Heels dance is a style of dance that is performed while wearing high-heeled shoes, typically stilettos. This style of dance is often characterized by sharp, precise movements and a focus on footwork and body control. Heels dance can be performed to a variety of music genres, including pop, hip-hop, and R&B.


By practicing heels dance, you can improve your overall dancing skills, including your balance, coordination, and muscle control. The high heels   require dancers to engage their core and leg muscles more, which can help to build strength and stability. Additionally, the heels force the dancer to   focus on proper alignment and form, which can improve overall technique.


Experience this fun, exhilarating and lively Heels class where you can learn and take your heels dance and technique to the next level. This is a great class for new and experienced “Heel” Dancers alike.



For one week only July 22-28, Top Hat Dance Studio is offering our Christmas in July sale. During that time all private lesson 10-packs will be 10% off. The discount is valid for one week only. Limit of 2 packages per person.  Purchase through the Top Hat Branded Mobile App and enter promo code, “HolidaySale”



July 2 and 9:  No West Coast Swing

July 8:  No Special Arts Class



July 4:  Happy Fourth of July!

July 11:  New Salsa 2 and 3 Sessions Begin

July 11:  New Ballroom Session Begins:  FOXTROT

July 16:  New West Coast Swing Session Begins

July 20: Kids Yoga Workshop

July 22-28:  Christmas in July

July 24:  Commercial Hip Hop and Heels Workshops!

July 27:  Cali Mix Dance Party


For further information, please contact the studio at 215-676-3100 or

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