Mid-Term Dance Workshops

Ballet, Creative Movement and Hip-Hop


At Top Hat, spring means preparing for our annual Spring Showcase. However, there are a number of new dancers who would like to start class. While it is too late for them to jump in to the showcase, we have prepared a special program just for them.


With current situations as they are, we have received numerous phone calls and emails from parents looking to enroll their children in dance class. At Top Hat every child that wants to, should have the opportunity to dance. Therefore, we are releasing our Mid-Term Dance Workshop Series.


This workshop series is designed for new dancers to begin dance classes without having to wait until the fall semester. We will be offering two class styles in this series. For our younger dancers (ages 3-6) we will be offering a Creative Movement/Ballet class. Secondly, for slightly older dancers (ages 7-10) we are offering an introduction to hip-hop class. Both classes will give little dancers the best start with an introduction to movement and dance skills in their particular style.


Both classes will be presented in 7-week sessions:

Creative Movement/Ballet Workshop- Saturday, starting April 10 at 9:00 am

Hip Hop Workshop- Mondays, starting April 12 at 7:00 pm

7-Weeks only $90.00 per Child

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