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Viennese Waltz

This faster-moving dance is what you see in films depicting the Victorian Era—typically with couples spinning constantly around the dance floor usually to orchestral music such as that by Johann Strauss. The Viennese Waltz is considered a ballroom dance and it is still danced in many ballrooms across the nation. However, because of its higher level of difficulty and the need for plenty of dance space, the Viennese Waltz is rarely done outside of the most formal or traditional ballroom dance settings. Students should already know (slow) Waltz before learning Viennese Waltz. A classic dance, Viennese Waltz is also perfect for a surprising amount of contemporary pop tunes. You’ll definitely impress others if Viennese Waltz is part of your repertoire.

Song Suggestions:

  • Fruhlingsstimmen – from Voices of Spring

  • Donauweibchen – from Little Danube Woman

  • Lagunen Walzer – from Lagoon Waltz


Click the link below to see a demonstration of this dance

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