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Top Hat Youth Program:  Moving Forward


As we type this email, we do so with great sadness as this weekend we would have been celebrating Top Hat’s 25th Anniversary, as well as performing our Annual Spring Showcase.  Unfortunately, neither of those special events are happening.  However, Top Hat is strong and resilient, and we plan to bring dance to all people for many more years to come. 


Before moving forward, we must reconcile a few open items from the past season:  tuition and costumes.


First, we will deal with tuition.  Each of you fall into one of 3 categories:  1.)  Those who have paid tuition in advance for the full year or the quarter 2.) Those who pay monthly and 3.) Those who had outstanding balances for classes taken prior to the shutdown.  For anyone who has paid tuition in advance, we will take the unused amount of tuition and credit that amount to September’s tuition rate.  Even if you pay monthly and had already paid March’s tuition, you will receive a credit amount in September for the 2-weeks that we were closed in March.  (We will prepare an invoice for you that indicates the credit amount on your account.)  The previous two statements handle those who fall into the first two categories.  For students who had outstanding balances at the time of the shutdown for classes already taken, we will prepare invoices and ask you to please satisfy the balance as soon as possible.  **All invoices (with positive and negative balances) will be sent to you by the end of June.


With regards to costumes, we have been in contact with the costume companies and ALL of them are making the costumes from this season’s catalogue available for next season.  This is an unheard-of gift!!  With that being said, though, they are not offering any refunds on costumes.  There have been discussions with the teachers, and they are committed to continuing with the choreography and costumes that were selected for the 2020 show and using them in the 2021 show.  We will have the ability to exchange sizes if needed and order additional costumes if we need them for new students.  Most of the costumes are sitting in the studio ready to be distributed.  Therefore, all original costume balances will remain on your account, however, they do not have to be paid until prior to the show in 2021.  (This will also eliminate costume deposits in February.)  Although, costumes will not be distributed until the costume balance is paid in full. **We have a tentative date of June 5, 2021 for the Spring Showcase next year.  We will confirm as soon as we receive word.


Finally, this bring us to September enrollment.  It is our full intent to resume classes on Saturday, September 12, 2021.  Once we receive word from the proper authorities, we will then distribute registration packets to all of you.  We will continue to offer our online Zoom classes throughout the summer as long as there is attendance to support the classes. Be sure to check the Virtual Class schedule on our website, https://www.tophatdancestudio.com/virtual-zoom-class-schedule.  In the meantime, please stay safe, enjoy the summer, and we look forward to seeing everyone in September for another memorable year of dance!


If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything with me, please feel free to contact me at info@tophatdancestudio.com or 215-676-3100. 


Thank you,


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