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Adult BEATS and Youth BEATS Fitness Classes


BEATS Fitness classes were created as a workout program that combines both dance and fitness to deliver the health benefits it brings, both physically and mentally, to its participants. It's a program for dance-fitness enthusiasts or new students who want to dance in a fun environment while burning calories. BEATS Fitness is a calorie-burning and toning workout using a mix of different dance genres such as Latin, Swing, Hip Hop, Jazz, and more! You will tone, sculpt, gain balance, flexibility and build up your cardiovascular endurance while dancing through your workout program.  It is wonderful for the brain. Each song is choreographed and designed to make you sweat. 



An advantage of this interval-based workout is that it allows the body to continue burning calories hours after the workout is over. In addition, BEATS Fitness, over time increases core strength and body awareness and helps with balance and flexibility. Studies have shown that dance can ease arthritis pain, benefit cognitive growth, and even help prevent dementia.


Each class follows a basic format with two distinct segments.  The session begins with a lower-impact workout to warm-up and awaken the muscles. Students begin to burn calories and as they prepare to strengthen their bodies.


The class then moves onto a more challenging workout that focuses on higher-intensity intervals and endurance. The higher-intensity intervals increase the heart rate, allowing the body to burn fat in a shorter amount of time.


The drop-in rate for any of the fitness classes is $10.00 per class.  Alternatively, we offer a fitness class-card of 6 classes for $50.00.  




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