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With the reinstatement of our group classes and forthcoming dance parties at the studio, we want to inform everyone of our policies.  To accommodate various comfort levels, all group classes and dance parties will be mask-optional.  We adopted this policy in the fall with the reopening of the youth program and private lessons and it has been very successful.  In group classes, all participants will be asked to rotate partners as we have done in the past.  We do not want to leave anyone out.  Not having a partner, should not discredit a student from participation in a class. 

With regards to vaccinated versus non-vaccinated persons, we feel that this is a private decision entitled to each person.  In accordance with HIPPA laws and privacy acts, students will not be asked about their vaccination status, nor will they be required to show proof of vaccination.  We feel it is unethical, bordering on illegal to ask someone about their private medical condition.  We strongly ask all students to respect the privacy of each other and not discuss this information while in the studio. 

Over the last nine months, we have received highly complimented reviews on the cleanliness of the studio as well as our attention to safe practices.  We will continue with these policies as we reopen group classes and dance parties. 

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