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Rumberitos Salsa Program

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Salsa Program Class Schedule

Classes Every Thursday

8:00 pm
Ladies Salsa Styling and Footwork with Isabel

7:00 pm
Salsa on2 Level 1 with Isabel
Bachata Level 2 with Jose

8:00 pm
Salsa on2 Level 2 with Jose

Classes $15.00 each or 6-classes for $75.00


Ladies Salsa Styling Classes

After the tremendous success of the workshop that we held at the beginning of August, we have decided to give the Ladies Styling and Footwork Class a permanent home on our class roster.

Beginning, Thursday, September 8 at 6:00 pm, Isabel will kick off the first session of this new series. The class will run in six-week sessions, with each session highlighting a targeted area of styling and footwork.

This is a workshop, especially for anyone that wants to learn the fundamentals of ladies' stylings and footwork. The purpose of this course is to help you explore, feel active, get fit, love your body, be creative, feel sexy and mostly have fun!

With my help and guidance, and a little time, you are going to be able to learn the following:

- Dance various salsa moves and combinations.

- Improve your dancing skills if you are already dancing -

- Learn how to isolate different parts of your body

- Move your hips and arms in a feminine and elegant way

Salsa and Bachata Dance Socials
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