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Burlesque Fitness Events



Don’t be shy—pull up a chair and get ready for your next girls’ night out. Elegantly combining the fluidity of jazz, the sizzle of foxtrot, and the beauty of ballet, Annie Hill’s tailored burlesque class invites women of all ages and body types to engage in an hour of fun, entertaining, and intense dance-fitness that elicits dancers’ authentic charm and inner abandon.


Tailored burlesque is a core and whole-body sculpting work-out in which women can

burn calories and fat through the repetition of tasteful yet sultry dance-fitness routines as well as through chair-incorporated exercise. With graceful arms, a firm posture, and

a coquettish demeanor, women can feel comfortable relishing their femininity and

sensuality in a safe, welcoming, and chic studio. But, it does not take long for the studio

setting to transform into a nostalgic and performance-based haven where the dancers’

charisma, caricature, and confidence take center stage.


The chair itself elevates the fitness activity of tailored burlesque to that of a dance

performance, as the chair serves as one of the many props—along with scarves, canes,

and hats—that dancers employ throughout the choreography. The chair also serves as

a functional tool to help women modify choreographed routines as necessary. These

choreographed routines, which are reinforced through repetition and executed through the add-on approach, evoke flirtation and playfulness. But, do not be fooled: although the performance itself may be amusing, the fitness component of tailored burlesque is no joking matter. Profusely “glistening” from head to toe, after a fulfilling workout, women can wind down by “wine-ing” down and celebrate a job well done.


So if you love films like Chicago, Burlesque, or Moulin Rouge... or just desire an outlet

to temporarily suspend your inhibitions... or seek a social space to connect and feel

empowered with other women, Annie Hill’s tailored burlesque could very well be your

next artistic and feminine debut.

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