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Vinyasa Yoga



Taught by certified Yoga instructor, Buffy Chen Dance Worx fitness offers one of the most popular styles of Yoga, Vinyasa, at Top Hat Dance Studio.   Vinyasa means “breath-synchronized movement.” It is an energizing formof Yoga focused on the connection between dynamic body movements and the power of breaththrough conscious inhaling and exhaling. This is a wonderful workout in which you will burn calories, gain physical strength, and develop balance and flexibility. In addition, practicing Yoga relaxes your mind which can reduce stress and anxiety. People of all ages can benefit from Yoga. You do not need to be flexible to do Yoga. Just come as you are and get the most out of this highly enjoyable experience where you can also gain confidence and well-being.


You may choose to bring your own mat, or a mat can be provided at the studio. Wear comfortable workout clothes. The cost of each class is $7.00 or you may purchase a five-class card for $28.00, giving you five workouts for the price of four.

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